Cost Of Living

Living Costs

Living costs are 12.4 percent below the national average based on the first quarter 2020 ACCRA report. Based on the prices of 59 different items, the report measures intercity cost differences for consumer goods and services. Taxes and non-consumer expenditures are excluded. In the all-items index, which includes grocery items, housing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous goods and services, Cleveland’s living costs are 87.6 percent. The U.S. average is 100 percent.


Housing costs in Cleveland and Bradley County are 23 percent below the national average as reflected in the first quarter 2020 ACCRA cost-of-living survey. A list of Chamber-member real estate agents and apartment complexes is available at the Chamber office.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are due on Oct. 1 each year and are delinquent beginning March 1. A1-percent interest rate per month and penalty charges is added to delinquent taxes, payable at the City Clerk’s office and/or the County Trustee’s office. There is no broad-based state income tax in Tennessee.

Property tax per $100 assessed valuation: Cleveland- $2.06 Charleston-$.43, County- $2.02-$2.48, depending upon level of fire protection. Property is assessed using the following percentages: residential- 25%; personal equipment- 30%; commercial and industrial- 40%. County: Hotel/Motel Tax- 7%

Sales Tax: State- 7.0%, Local- 2.75% (total 9.75%)